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Sharon Tan

Farhan has a cheerful disposition and he is very encouraging. A trainer must be able to correct his students and yet still be able to build up his/her confidence. He does it perfectly.

Afiq Anuar


Had my first session with FM academy. Its was a great experience for a first timer like me in Muay Thai. Its wasnt that hard. But it sure damn make you sweat. The instructor is gentle but yet know how to push you to your limits. Forget lonely gym session, think of FM academy. Take exercise to a whole new level! 

Syahirah Smith

Pre-school teacher

Love love love FMAcademy. It makes muay thai training a whole lot easier and convenient as they accommodate to our time and place. Training was fun! There were songs to motivate us to train harder. Equipments were of good quality. Will definitely come back for more! Worth the muscle aches!

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