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Muhammad Farhan Bin Mazlan

Muhammad Farhan Bin Mazlan or better known as Farhan Mazlan is bubbly and full of energy. His classes are always playful and light hearted. He is however very serious about coaching and strives for his members to get the best instruction and a great workout.

Farhan Mazlan is also teaching at Transcendence Mixed Martial Art where he work under Mr Terence Cheah former President of Amateur Muaythai Association Singapore (AMAS), who have groom him in both competitively and coaching in Muaythai for more than seven years now. 

Farhan Mazlan is a Certified Instructor and Muaythai Judge by International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA). He also graduated from sports and fitness course in local schools.

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Muhammad Iskandar Bin Ramlee

Muhammad Iskandar Bin Ramlee has been doing Muaythai and compete across the border for over 6 years. Started out his first martial art with Silat in 2008, he then alter his interest to Muaythai in 2012 after being inspired  when watching Muaythai fights.


Although he is a soft-spoken among all of the instructors, his classes are  however always focused and goal-oriented. He is very passionate in the art of 8 limbs and have always been generous to share his knowledge and experience of the art to the members of FM Academy.

Today, Iskandar still compete in the ring whenever he have the chance and will always continue to inspire the members as a fighter and instructor himself. 

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