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Cecilia Liew

Event Manger

FM Acadmey Muaythai

Enjoyed the weekend muay thai session, a group of 4 gals. Instructor was clear with his pre-class explanation, instructions and guided with great patience. He corrected our posture and punches, good. Positive energy! Thank you FM Academy for providing us with your Mobile Muaythai Service.

Siti Arnie

School Teacher

Muay Thai Singapore

My first time trying out Muay Thai and I enjoyed it. Had my doubts initially. Wondered if I can do it and how he would coach me. But he made me feel relax and at ease. Very knowledgeable and ensured your safety . Was patient and understood your ability yet will still push you and encourage you. 

Lim Jia She

Insurance Agent

Capoeira Singapore

FM Academy best academy. I was looking for a more personal way to learn capoeira that wasn’t in a group setting, and I manifested FM Academy into my life. To have a coach travel all the way down just to teach.. Not seizing this opportunity would be a shame, especially since it’s something i’ve always wanted to pick up. Prices are reasonable especially for the package deals and I think i’m going to commit for now.

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